Enterprise Profile

China Best Food Group Limited is a leading exporter, importer, and processor of food products, as well as a proud supplier to the domestic market. We have been specializing in food and aquatic products for 25 years. We have five production and processing bases, either company-owned ones or joint ventures, located respectively in Tangshan city and Baoding city of Heibe province, Zhangzhou city of Fujian province, Luotian county of Hubei province and Dandong city of Liaoning province. Meanwhile, we have established long-term and sound cooperative relations with many domestic factories and overseas suppliers.

Our main products are as follows: chestnut products (fresh chestnut, frozen roasted chestnut meat, frozen boiled chestnut meat, frozen shaved chestnut meat, roasted smiling chestnut, small-packaged peeled chestnut, etc.), aquatic products (frozen roasted eel, live eel, frozen squid, frozen octopus, frozen red crab, frozen cut crab, frozen clam, frozen scallop, etc.), frozen fruits (strawberry, white peach, yellow peach, litchi, blueberry, wild lingonberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc.), frozen vegetables (green bean, corn, pepper, sweet potato, broccoli, green soybean, mushroom,etc.), canned food (white peach, orange, yellow peach, mushroom, etc.), juice, pulp and sauce (ketchup, kiwi fruit pulp, apple juice, grape juice, fruit jam, etc.).

Now, we mainly export to South Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Russia, and the United States. Focusing on the markets of South Korea and Japan, we work with some of the largest importers in these two countries. Over years of operation, we have gathered rich experience and resources in importing and exporting. We are looking forward to expanding cooperation with customers and vendors both at home and abroad for a shared success.